Reverse Advent Calendars

13th November 2017

We are going to be running our Reverse Advent Calendar again this year as it was so successful last year.

From the 1st to the 15th of December you simply put one item of food into a box, so instead of getting a little chocolate, you get the joy of giving!

The food items that you donate will be used to help individuals and families that are really struggling over the festive season.

If you are interested in doing this for us, we are asking that the food be delivered to the Foodbank on Saturday 16th December between 10am and 12pm. We are going to have extra helpers working in the garage to collect the donations coming in.

We would obviously be happy with any of our normal items, but Christmas items like the ones below would be great too:

* Mince Pies
* Tinned Ham/Meat
* Christmas Pudding
* Christmas Cake
* Box of Biscuits
* Children’s Selection Box
* Box of Chocolates

Many thanks again for everyone’s support.

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